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It is been a long long time! I just had been busy and making paper stuff of course 🙂

Today, I’m coming back with tons of new works here. Let’s get started!

I made this tag sets. Each set includes 3 tags. There are 2 kinds of set. One is “Thank you” tag set. It it kind of cool look.

And another is “Thinking of you” tag set. You can use this tag for any occasion. Like when you send something to your special person, friend.

These tags are very easy to make. I adhere the masking tape on the white card stock, and then cut it out with scallop circle punch. You can stamp anything you want on it! It is fun to make 🙂 I recommend you to try to make  this tag!


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I tried this challenge today! This challenge requires me to embellish a bag using the color challenge

Hmmm this challenge inspired me a lot. I like Black and Dark Pink color combination. And Light Pink and Gray color combination is also great. BUT to combine them together was a bit difficult. Anyway let’s look at my project!

How is it? I like the embellishment I made with flower punched papers. It is glitterd! 🙂 The most difficult thing was that “Projects can include color by using cardstock and/or patterned paper, instead of by coloring stamped images. ” No coloring stamped images!!?? I alway like to make a stamped background, enbellishments… and so on. So I struggled to try this challenge… BUT! Look at my result!! You know what I mean. 😉

Please check other’s project out. Thank you for looking.

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I’m glad to show you this card! It definitely became my favorite.

I submitted this card for the contest. Requirement was to make a tea time project. It first occured to me that it was a pot when I found the contest. I made the pot with felt. Making felt pot was so much fun! As you can see I used a small trick to show the message. And I used the tea package which my best german friend sent me. This tea is really tasty and smell good. I love it.

Hope you are inspired by my project. Thank you for looking.

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I tried to make different type bookmarks. Which is your favorite?

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I love to play with watercolors. It is fun and I feel like It takes me back to childhood.

This is my senior project. I like to hug but we don’t hug much in my country. So I’m trying to expand this great habit to people.

I think that at least there are 3 types of hug. First is hugging a family member. (It is the one with the orange background.) Second is hugging a lover. (It is the one with the pink background.) Last is hugging a friend. (The one with the blue background.) There is not much difference between these types of hug but I think we hug each person a little bit differently.

I plan to make a picture book about hugging. This is going to be my senior project work.

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