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Happy Halloween

I didn’t use a lots of stamp in this card. I think I wanted to make a card which is like a child made one.

We also don’t have halloween but sometime you can see the parade or the party in these days in Japan. I think I will do something with my friends at this halloween. In many of halloween cards, you always see the bat and pumpkins(I looove pumpkin by the way.) But it is boring. I tried to make an untypical halloween card. Hm I need more trials. But I like this card 🙂


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Happy Thanksgiving

Actually we don’t have Thanksgiving day in Japan but I tried to make a card of it because it looks interesting.

I got new goods of cardmaking so I’m in love with it recently. Although I sit down on the chair and face to my creation area, I can make one card a day. Because I need a lot of time to think. So I get tired sometime even though I make only one card. And then my family thinks that I am strange. It’s okay I don’t mind it.

Anyway it is my first trial to make a card of thankgiving day. I enjoyed to make it.

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